Acicrud library v1.0 for CodeIgniter released !

I’m proud to announce the immediate availability of the stable version of the Acicrud (Automatic CodeIgniter Create Read Update Delete) library for CodeIgniter. The release 1.0 which the Git commit number is 86ef21a05a4c9697ae01fb9b17736ef24704cbf8 have been fully tested and is currently used in production environment by more than 15 web applications over the Web.

This release is the result of one year of a daily CodeIgniter coding experience that means the library is designed to be productive and to match the most of the CodeIgniter recurrent model problematics.

The Acicrud library can fully manage a table for which at least the first normal form is applicable.

Feel free to send your feedback on the Acicrud downloading page :


The changelog of the 86ef21a05a4c9697ae01fb9b17736ef24704cbf8 is available below :

  • readLast() method added : try to read the latest entry in the table.
  • getMaxId() method added : return the largest currently used ID in the table or 0 if the table is empty.
  • create() now return the inserted row’s id.
  • CI instance added ($this->CI). Can be useful to load Models inside an Acicrud Model.
  • _where() method added. getAll() now accept a third parameter to manage where clauses.
  • delete() now accept an array instead of an int to manage where clauses.
  • __toString() magical method added.
  1. Acicrud library for #CodeIgniter v1.0 released ! Download : Changelog : (via @Nukium)

  2. Chakib says:

    Acicrud library v1.0 pour faire du crud avec codeIgniter

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