Mootools alternative color text effect

I was looking for a simple but elegant effect to highlight a menu item to announce a new feature on one of my websites.

I made a simple Mootools based script that switch periodically the color of a text element in order to create an elegant highlight effect.

This code has been tested under mootools 1.2.1 core and mootools 1.2 more builds.

Support and feedback are both available in English and in French.

Any feedback would be appreciated !

The Mootools script


Live showcase

[script type= »text/javascript »]


  • No highlighted
  • Highlighted
  • No highlighted
  • Visit

Download showcase

Download the Mootools alternative color text effect showcase files.

  1. fabien says:

    tu peux éviter le périodial en créant une combinaison de chaine ou de morph .

  2. Nukium says:

    En effet, merci je vais tester ça 🙂

  3. Riad Marrakech says:


  4. Doud says:

    Merci maestro 😉

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